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Web Solutions

Professional web design and development is one of our specialties, however our web services go far beyond selling. We focus on web-based business applications that can help your organization work more effectively.

Intranets and Organizational Management
We build systems designed to ease communication and coordination in complicated work environments. Whether you employ recruitment specialists on the road who need to access internal data and continue their office tasks while traveling, or you have multiple field offices that need to be in the loop, an intranet is best way to stay in touch. The possibilities include internal discussion forums and message boards, real-time data reporting, and document sharing in a secure and user-friendly environment.

Organizations with complex business processes such as application review, customer service, and product development can benefit from an automated workflow or contact-tracking system. Design begins with a careful interview and analysis process to determine how your team works. Then we will work with you to create a system that increases efficiency and facilitates better management within your organization.

Content Management Systems
Any website content that requires frequent updates can, and should, be tied into a Content Management System or CMS, allowing non-technical personnel to make changes as they come up, without depending on a staff or contract programmer. With correct planning, maintenance of a new website is an easy and convenient process.

Like most industries, the web development world has agreed-upon specifications governing the way things should be done. Non-standard sites often don't work on less-common browsers or computer platforms. Summit E-Solutions adheres to industry standards like those set by the World Wide Web Consortium to insure that your web presence is consistent and dependable.

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act serves as a guideline for accessible web design work. Aside from ensuring that users with special needs can conveniently navigate a website, adhering to accessibility standards is good business. Summit E-Solutions will endeavor to provide a web experience that reaches your entire audience.

Search Engine Optimization
While "SEO" is a trendy topic lately, making your site visible in Google and other popular search engines isn't as complicated as you may think. Simple quality of design is the biggest factor in search engine optimization; the same aspects that make your website a success with people work for Googlebot as well. Of course, there are things to keep in mind when developing for top placement, but many of the "tricks" that SEO specialists employ do much more harm than good. Contact us to find out what can be done to improve your visibility.

We use a wide range of tools to best address each situation. For a brief overview of commonly used technology, see our consulting section, and feel free to contact us if you have a specific technical question.

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